Living in Florida, and especially Pasco County, we have more retirees in our area than families.
Having worked in assisted living facilities and for an agency I wanted to put a list together to possibly start my own care giving business.

Here are the some of the most important needs of the elderly:

Firstly being there for them. They need companionship and someone to talk to. Just listening really works.

Ensure that they take their medications when directed by their doctor. When they get low on them, phone the refills over to the pharmacy and pick them up.

Before making a homemade meal for them, go through the refrigerator and throw away any food items that the dates have expired, have mold on them, or smell or look as if they have gone bad. Prepare meals in bulk and portion them so that the client has meals for times when they will be on their own. Put labels on them and date them for future reference. Also any leftovers need to be labeled and dated.

Check on the client’s hygiene and if necessary assist them in bathing.

Do laundry whenever necessary. The elderly don’t always realize that they have stains on their clothes or that they wear the same outfit for days. Also check in drawers and in cupboards as the elderly so often put dirty clothes back where they found them. Change linens on a regular basis.

Clean the house and empty the waste bins. Make a note of garbage pick up days and put it out the night before.

Take clients to the doctors, dentists, hairdressers, shopping, etc. If they are not able to do food shopping etc,. then make a list and do it for them

Take them to fun places such as restaurants, the beach, parks, down by the river, and even to Art Classes, the movies, or a show. It is amazing what some people love to do and so enjoy it.

Answer the telephone and door, pick up the mail and if necessary sort it out and read it to them. Take the client to visit with neighbors and friends or arrange coffee and cake at the client’s home for their friends.

Take a musical instrument to their home and have a sing-a-long. Check and see if they have C.D.’s or albums and play them.

Many elderly people look sad or miserable because they are lonely. They may not have family locally, but with a caregiver, and a good one, you can really make a difference in their lives.