The stair lift is more than a provider of getting one from downstairs to upstairs; they are also a means of independence for the elderly or anyone who is incapable of climbing stairs.
A very sad reality is that the older we get, the more things we discover are increasingly hard to do, if not impossible all together. When someone is limited in their range of mobility because of a disability, an injury or just plain aging and suffering from arthritis or angina, installing a stair life is the most practical and it just makes sense.

With today’s technological advancements, there really is no home that cannot be properly fitted with a stair lift, no matter what design the staircase is. When you are ready to purchase or start shopping for a stair lift, keep in mind that you want to make sure use a company with a professional reputation and years of experience.

If you are unsure on which kind of stair lift is going to suit your home and your needs, then contacting your local hospital and enlisting the services of the Occupational Therapist on staff. They are well versed in things such as this and will be able to provide the best support and advice.

When you find companies that provide the stair lifts, you should always ask lots of questions. Ask the company to provide you some written information on all of the models that they offer.

Do not make a decision right away, go shopping. Compare the different companies and the experiences you had in the interactions with these companies. Get different quotes on pricing. Make sure that you are getting quotes for the same models though, as common sense will tell you, if it is a better model it is going to be more expensive, but at this stage, the price should not be the prime factor when trying to decide on something that is going to be carrying you up and down stairs. I am not saying that price should not be a factor, but it should not be the main factor.

When you are getting price quotes, also make sure that the quotes you are getting are including how much it will cost for any additional supplies you might need and the cost of fitting the stair lift and installation.

If you happen to have a curved staircase, you are going to want each company to come into your home and personally asses your staircase to give you a more accurate quote.

If you decide to go with a company that is not a manufacturer of their own stair lifts, make sure they are at least an authorized dealer, because if they are not, chances are it will be harder for them to get spare parts or replacement parts for you.

Lastly, never ever buy a stair lift from a pushy sales person. Their primary function is to make the sale and close the deal regardless, and sometimes this includes drastically reducing the price of a model just to close the sale, but often, you will find that the model they are trying to get you to purchase right then and there, is not necessarily going to be the right model for you or your home.